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Ritwik having hot sex with teacher aunt

Well.....straight on.. this sexperience happened about two months ago..I'm ritwik handsome not that tall and I love sex this aunt of mine is simply plump and gorgeous fat ass deep holed navel milkywhite in complexion wears saree and is a teacher of math...shes not that much of revealing type kinda shy and strict I just only got once an golden opportunity

to get a glimpse of her navel at school sports day shes was at backstage moving benches and her pallu slipped from her shoulder showing her cleavage and that plump milkywhite belly embellished with a sexy navel I only got a glimpse before she made it out with the roll of her hand from then on I fantasised a million times eating her pussy and masterbated

a lot as she wears saree I can see the side of her belly and part of her right boob when she walks around after some days I decided to get close to her and find some way to get to taste her assets for my luck I intentionally failed in the next exam and she forced me to come to her house for tuition which shes taking for weak students and shes not financially safe her husband

had some alterations with her and he's staying at some place else comes home occasionally and then leave I guess that made her strict in class I haven't seen her smiling and all I want is to give her a good hard fuck but I'm afraid to make any day at her house during tuition I got stuck with a math problem so I can't finish it off and go home I had to stay

a bit longer in her house and it was late and my mom called to her house to ask whether I left her house I hadn't reached home which my teacher aunt replied I'm very poor at math and can't even solve a simple problem then they had a long discussion about my studies and it was raining heavily outside I'm still hooked with that math question...

my teacher aunt julie then after a long chat with my mom asked me to take a shower that I ain't going to home but staying at her house till exams are over hearing that my adrenaline just got pumped I got a chance to make all my fantasies come true...I was like a child to her she has a baby like 10 years or so then I went to the bathroom to take a shower and also get time

to think of some ideas to seduce and fuck her tonight her baby was sleeping on the bed and I silently sneaked in to the bathroom without disturbing the sleeping baby and took a bath I saw her bra hanging on there at the bathroom she forgot to take may be in her morning shower I took her white bra and smelled and chewed it made me horny my dick was just erect like a hot rod

and I can't control myself then I came out of the bathroom nude and waited for her to come that room I want her to see me nude then I pinched her child and it started crying then she came to took her child and she saw me pulling the pants up she saw my erect penis inside my underwear and I stood there dressed like nothing happened and acted cool she took her child

out to the living room I followed her and said my pants button had broken I can't wear it I asked for a safety pin to tie it...she then gave me her husbands shorts for the night and told me to study after the meal..I was disappointed that I hadn't capitalised on the moment and failed to seduce her but I know the fact that everybody loves sex and girls are a bit shy at first then I

went back to the room where I bathed and I saw her breastfeeding the baby and its time to sleep and I quickly finished the question given me to solve I went with the book silently to her she didn't notice me coming and I saw her sucking milk out of her boobies I like so child sat by her side and showed the book she was surprised to see me and initially jerked and turned

to the other side she said ok you got it correct and told me to sleep then I placed my book on the table and suddenly dived on to the bed to the other side I didn't give her an eye contact and started caressing her child who is drinking her milk inorder to keep her on bed on that position I really can't see her full breasts coz she covered it with her saree and shes comfortable too her

jacket is open and she wasn't wearing bra so the slightly transparent saree was the only thing covering her melons keeping her in that awkward position I made up some conversations going on for some time and I also tried to kiss her baby and got a close up look of her melons covered in saree I then suddenly turned off the lights only a dim zero bulb was lit I whispered in

a sexy tone that child is asleep she then laid the baby on bed the moment it happened before she got time to react I got hold of her shoulders and started sucking rest of milk from the breast she got jammed and she moaned I undressed her I threw away my dress and we had fun all night she gave me a mindblowing blowjob I pushed my dick deep in to her throat and ate

her pussy we both enjoyed ourselves whole night I fucked her 2/3 times and licked every inch of her plump and curvaceous body and had real fun...then on she simply calls me often and just suck my dick like a real bitch do...well that's how I turned on my rigid aunt to a sexy bitch....we still keep our relationship secretly though I got hitched..everybody loves sex...

Sexy Hot Wedding Reception

This incident happened a few years ago & I feel I just have to let you know. I had been having an affair with my stepmother since highscool & after I left for college we never did anything sexual. Now 3 years later I was getting married. after the wedding we had a reception & I was really looking forward to my honeymoon & my new wife knew this also.

she felt bad that the honeymoon was delayed due to the reception & she told me she will make it up to me. After a few dances and seeing my bride in her sexy skirt & stockings & high heels drove me nuts. she noticed I was getting hard & suggested we go sit down. when we sat at a table at the back of the room, she started rubbing my cock thru my pants while kissing me and biting my neck.

she then went under the table and unzipped me. she took my cock in her mouth and gave me a slow blowjob. my wife never knew about blowjobs etc. but I guess she learned well from her cousins & friends at her bridal party. A few moments later my stepmother touched my shoulder & asked where my wife was, I could not answer cos of two reasons,

I couldn't say she was under the table giving me a bj & also the bj was so good I couldn't speak. My stepmother sat down next to me and held my hand, she started talking about our affair & this meant trouble as my wife never knew. my stepmother wished me luck in our marriage & told me our affair can't go on as I have a wife now but she told me she will miss my cock

and then she put her hand down to my cock for one last feel & was surprised to find a mouth there. this was too much for me and I shot my sperms into my wifes mouth. She then came up from under the table with a little cum dripping from her lips, my stepmother took one look at me, smiled and then kissed my wife passionately.

they both exchanged my cum and savoured it on their tongues. my wife was even bold enough to grab my stepmother's ass and squeeze it while they kissed. I quickly zipped up and looked around to see if anybody was looking. the girl's quickly broke off their kiss & my wife told my stepmother that although a guy may marry but it's the wife who joins the family & she is glad to be part of the family.

they both had smiles on their faces when my mother in law tapped my stepmother on the shoulder & said we are all family now so secrets like this should be shared! we were all shocked that my mother in law saw everything!! A few months later my dad and father in law went fishing over a weekend leaving me with my wife, mother in law & stepmother alone!

Monica fucked by Alok

Hi, I am Monica, 19. I am doing my graduation from a college of Delhi University. I belong to a little backward class of family, specially my mother. But, I don't like that reserved and backward thinking and believe in living in 21st century and thinking in a modern way. The main drawback of my mother's backwardness is that she doesn't have trust on me and more importantly she wants me to live way she wants to.

After every few days she asks me to show my vagina. Yes she asks me to show my vagina to her every few days whenever we both are alone. A lot of times in the morning if we get chance, she takes me into the bathroom and baths me, specially to clean my vagina. Though she claims that she watches my vagina to check, if I am not getting infected with any disease or infection,

but the truth I feel is that she wants to check, if I am virgin or not. It sucks. The problem is not just in my mother but its in my blood. She tells me that she also had to go through such check ups from her mother and my grand mother(Nani) till the time she got married, which meant I would also have to go through such stupid check ups till the time, I get officially married.

Before, I started my graduation, I didn't have an problems with these check ups. Sometimes, if she didn't do check ups, I used to get curious and indirectly ask her to check. Let me be very honest, whenever she did check ups, she just touched my vagina for a second or two and parted it. In these few seconds she acted to check for any infections but she just checked the virginity.

As I am little bit educated, so I knew that such infections can also be aroused in men. So I asked my mother once, does dad checks infections of brother also. To which she said, he docent need any check ups. By this, I was absolutely clear that its just a virginity test and nothing else.

Now the problem was, as I entered into graduation, a very good looking and good at heart class mate, Alok, 19 proposed me and I couldn't say no. Our relationship started, and he was in no hurry, but all this had to come. He is a wonderful person and I was madly getting in love with him. As he was in no hurry, so I also didn't think a lot about my idiotic virginity check ups.

It was our third month anniversary. We were watching a movie in a cinema hall. The hall was hardly 25% occupied and we were sitting away from others. And suddenly he came in towards me, he had lot of times come near me but just for small pegs on cheeks. He came near me and said "I Love You." I replied, "Me too" And he kissed me on my lips. I was surprised and I expected that.

I couldn't stop him because I think I wanted this more than him. We smooched deep. Our tongues were exploring each others mouth. As it was first time for both of us so we were a bit hesitant. He stopped and asked me "You want to watch this movie." I said no. We stood up and went out of the movie. As I was walking I knew, what was there in store for me and I was damn confused.

We went to the parking and sat in our car. He hugged me. He kissed me again. I was not able to control myself and kissing him madly and playing with his nice hairs. Suddenly his hands entered inside my top from back, I couldn't object. He moving his hands all over my lower back to upper back. He took out one of his hands, brought them to front.

With one hand he pressed my 34B sized breasts and from other he unhooked my bra. By this I came into my senses and decided that, I will not go ahead. I stopped him. I was feeling uncomfortable both inside and outside. Why uncomfortable inside is understood but I was uncomfortable outside for my unhooked bra.

When I stopped him, he asked me "What happened?" I replied, "Nothing. But I cant do beyond this please for now." He started arguing with me. While he was arguing with me, I had the fear that, he might force me to do all this. And if I do all this, I will be in trouble at home. While arguing and thinking about all this, suddenly tears came in my eyes or I should say it just got wet.

He saw them and cooled down. Obviously I hadn't told him about all these virginity test issues. After that day, I started thinking about all these problem. I was in deep trouble. How to sort it out, I was not able to decide. Suddenly I decided to become a 21st century lady in my house as well. Now Alok never forced me to go beyond kisses.

After that day he never touched my breasts intentionally. One day my mother asked me for the check up. For the first time I refused. She was amazed. And requested me to show. I refused. She started shouting that its for my benefit. I still refused. Suddenly a shout came, "Lagta hain kahin mooh kaalaa karwaa ke aayi hain." That was the point.

Even I shouted, "Lo dekh lo kahin mooh nahin kaala karwaaya." I removed lowers and anties completely. "Lo check kar lo aaj aakhri baar. Aaj ke baad nahin dikhaawoongi. I am 18+ and you can not force me. Jo dekhna hain, jo karnaa hain aaj hee kar lo." I myself showed my vagina. And continued shouting, "Lo aur bhi kuch dekhna hain?" I quickly removed my top as well.

And looking at this she went away. I kept shouting, "Kahan jaa rahe ho? dekh kar jaao. Yahan koi infection nahin hote? kisi ki beti ko 19 saal ki umar mein maa nanga kar ke nahin dekhti, bas humaare khaandaan mein hee nangaa karne ka riwaaz hain. Aao poora nangaa dekho mujhe. Photo kheech lo." That day I had an idea that it was last time all this was happening, but I wanted to be cautious.

After that she didnt ask me for 2 months. Though she used to ask me to show my vagina almost every month. Now I was pretty confident that Vagina check up contract can now be given to Alok. All these days Alok was absolutely cool and calm and didn't force me ever. Our relationship was close to 6 months old and it was surviving on just kisses.

When I used to hear from my friends who were into relationship, I came to know that they used to lie down with their boyfriend on first month anniversary itself. Anyways my problem was solved. Now I wanted to give Alok, what he wanted. But I also wanted to make it special and kind of surprise also. I was not getting a proper chance. His birthday arrived.

His parents were out of town for some marriage I guess. He is the only son. So only he and his parents live in his home. So, I planned a surprise. I decided that, we will make plans for his birthday in afternoon or so and I will reach his home in morning itself. The day arrived. At night, I wished him. We talked till around 1.30. We were very romantic.

IN the morning I woke up early and left for college officially. From the way, I collected the cake. I had already kept his gift in my bag. His gift was packed in lots of boxes i.e. one big box, inside that smaller box, then smaller box and smaller box and so on. There were exactly 10 boxes, which were packed in such a way that you have to open all 10 to reach the end.

The gift was "CONDOM" . I purchased 3 different brands of condoms i.e. Moods, Kamasutra and Kohinoor, all in chocolate flavor. Because chocolate is "our" favourite flavor for desserts and cakes. Let me tell you that it was very embarrassing for a girl to buy condoms and that too three packets and all in particular flavor and from one shop. Oh shit that was shameful. But anything for Alok.

I reached his home. While reaching, I instead of getting sexual arousal I was getting lot of negative feelings, not of my mother but of Alok. I was just praying that once I reach his home, I find him alone and not surrounded by sexy girls wearing revealing clothes as we see in movies. I reached home. He opened the door. He was surprised and had a big smile on his face.

The smile proved that he was alone and not with those bitches I was expecting. I entered his house. He closed the door. I wished him Happy Birthday, hugged him and kissed him. He was stinking in his mouth. I laughed and said go brush your teeth. He smiled and went away. As soon as he went away, I quickly removed all my clothes to change, as I had brought some nice sexy clothes and lingerie for added fun.

I quickly wore the lingerie. And then wore absolutely short denim shorts with a cleavage and belly revealing top. Alok was taking time in washroom. So I arranged the cake and the gift. on the table. Suddenly I got a negative feeling and ran away towards washroom to ask Alok, "Is someone going to come? I mean I am with you. I hope, it will not create problem?"

He replied, "No dear, its absolutely safe." He came out of the washroom. He had a big smile on his face with his eyebrows raised up. He came near to me. Now check the smell. And hold ed me tight and kissed. It was mint smelling from his mouth. Wow it was amazing. He was into very deep kissing. I had to stop him and said, "I hope you remember your limits?"

I knew that today, he can cross all the limits but still had to be a surprise. He replied, "Unfortunately I do remember my limits." I showed him the cake and the gift and wished him again, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" He quickly picked up the gift which I didn't want him to. Whats in this? That was his question. I replied, later and asked him to cut the cake first.

I lighted the candle and we took a few photographs of cake and ourselves. It was a bit risky to take my photographs because of the attire I was in but for Alok, anything. Then he cut the cake. And offered me, I ate. Now it was my turn to give him the cake. I took the cake in hand and put it in my mouth and took close to his mouth.

He took the cake in his mouth and kissed me and also finished the cake. I then said, "OK. Now check the gift." He said, "No. I want to have all of this chocolate cake in similar way." I said, "Enough. Now open the gift. There is also a chocolate for you." He started opening the box. First he removed the wrapper and opened the box. He found one more box.

He saw at me and smiled, he opened the second and found the third, he smiled again. He opened the third and found fourth. The smile reduced. He kept on doing this and reached the small box in the end. He was excited as well as frustrated. He opened the last box and found three packets of condom. He saw at them for a few second and laughed very loudly.

I also laughed with him. He got silent asked me, "Are you sure?" I was feeling shy and my eyes went down. He came near me, lifted my face and kissed me. I stopped him and said, "Thank You." He asked me why. I said, "For understanding my problem and not going beyond your limit and at the same time maintaining the relationship with no complaints.

I Love You." He replied, "See you are very sexy. You are damn hot. And I proposed you first just to have fun with your bloody breasts but now I love you more than your body." This flattered me. This made me in love with him again. I hugged him. He praised me but I realised, how good he is. We came back again and started kissing again. Kisses were very deep.

We wanted to enter each others mouth actually. We were very close. It was a hugging kiss. He separated. He bent down a bit and lifted me into his arms. That was a surprise for me. He carried me to his room. He threw me on the bed. He also jumped on the bed. He hugged me again in sleeping position and was kissing me all over again. We both parted and sat on our knees.

He wanted to remove my top. I helped him and removed. By the time, he removed his t shirt. He quickly kissed my cleavage. He got what he wanted. He was very aggressive. He was playing with my lingerie also. He was pressing my boobs. His presses were making me really horny. I can not express how I was feeling. I was moving my hands all over his upper part of the body.

Feeling his back and chest through my hands and body was good. He was not very hairy. He had a good physique. He was sucking all over my breasts and he then removed the lingerie. He said, "Wow" and went on to suck my right breast. Initially he was sucking the whole mountain and then he tried to conquer the tip, i.e. my nipple. He was giving a great time to my breasts.

He was kissing them, sucking them, licking them, biting them and pressing them. That was amazing and I was pressing his head harder over my breasts. Once we achieved partial satisfaction of breasts, we moved down. I removed his lowers, which he was wearing. It was big. No, I had not yet seen his cock. But the bulge showed that, it was big.

I removed his undies as well. It just sprung out. And he was watching his cock, I was watching his cock and his cock was watching me. Amazing. I went down and took it my mouth. Initially I just took a little bit, I was confused. But slowly, I started sucking it. It was very nice. He stopped me for a second and slowly pulled the skin of his cock back.

I again sucked it, concentrating more on the head, which was a little bit wet and was shining. It tasted better than the cock with skin. I sucked it for a few seconds. Then he turned and acquired position 69. He opened the buttons of the shorts. And tried, pulling them down. I was on top of him, so he somehow removed them. He again said, "Wow" and touched my thighs.

He kissed them a little bit and then removed the panties as well. He then started licking pussy(now it is pussy and no more a vagina ). He was licking them from top. He tried inserting fingers but it was really tight. So he started rubbing the pussy area and above it. He was kissing also. he withdrew his cock from my mouth and turned me on the bed.

I was lying on the bed facing skywards. He went down and kissed and licked my pussy. He got the pack of condoms. He asked me "Do you know how to use it?" It was first time for both of us. I said no. He checked the packet and read instructions and applied it on his cock. I noticed one thing, his cock had got a bit smaller when he was distracted to check the way of using the condom.

But when he was putting the condom on, it got normal, I mean abnormal , He asked me, "Ready?" I said, "Yes" He inserted cock in missionary position. He had trouble inserting it. It was not going in. He applied some force, I shouted, "FUCK. OOOOOO" He still applied force, I was feeling the pain, and was shouting but he kept on applying force and his cock almost went inside.

He then started moving. As the moves were increasing, I was coming back to normal. I slowly started responding. Though, I was not in a position, where I could respond but still, I was trying to move a bit. He was pushing up and down. I noticed that his cock was fully inside my pussy. And his cock was banging deep inside my pussy.

Feeling was amazing, a feeling, I might not forget even till last breath of my life. His thighs stomach was banging my thighs. His balls were banging my lower pussy and ass area. The speed was increasing. He was banging me. He was fast. In between, he removed, the speed, a little bit and came down and kissed me. And then sucked my breasts.

He then holded both my breasts and increased the speed. I was moaning. He was also moaning, but my voice was very audible. We carried on like this for sometime and then he got tired, so he came down on bed from sideways and I was also on sideways position, facing each other. Though we didn't want to separate during this procedure, but is cock slipped out and he inserted it again.

This time, there was no pain,. Rather there was pain of pleasure. He was pushing up and up. I was pushing down down and down. We changed this position soon, as I was not enjoying a lot in this. We turned again,and this time he was down and I was at top. The cocks didn't sip but, I intentionally did allow the cock to come out because last time, I enjoyed when cock entered the pussy.

I guided the cock inside my pussy. It was amazing. I was pushing up and down. he was relaxing on the bed and, I was doing extra efforts. While, I was going up and down, his cock went out as my orgasm sprinkled all over his tummy. It was a shower. I inserted again and went up and down. After getting the feel of my orgasm, he also started moving up and down.

After some time, I again got an orgasm and was not able to stay on my knees. Alok, withdrew his cock, and turned me again. We came back to missionary position. I was frequently getting orgasm. When we got in missionary position, he gained his top speed, he fucked very hard for a few seconds or a few minutes. Meanwhile, I attained another orgasm.

It didn't matter him and kept fucking me. After some time he removed his cock and removed the condom. I was satisfied. He got his cock near my mouth. And started masturbating. Initially, I was moving his cock up and down very fast but that was not enough. He took his cock in his hand started moving cock up and down and shot a load.

I say shot, because, he was holding his cock around my chin and his load travelled all the way to to my hairs. I wanted to taste the cum. I wasted no time and took some cum from my forehead and around my cheeks and put it in my mouth. He pushed his cock in my mouth, I licked it clean. He kissed me. I stood up and saw that bed sheet was red. It was my blood.

I realised the pain but didn't realise the blood. I travelled to the washroom to clean myself, as it was very difficult to handle. I took a quick shower to clean the cum and blood from my pussy and came out. Alok was lying on the bed. I also jumped on the bed and got in a very romantic position with him. He kissed me and asked, "Did you enjoy?" I said, "Yes. Did you?"

He said, "Yes. And promise on my birthday that we will make love at least once a week." I said, "Just once a week? I want a break up." He smiled and said,"What happened Monica? A girl who didn't like his boy friend even touching his boobs, wants to get fucked by him so frequently." I shied. We stayed in each others arms for sometime and fell asleep.

After a couple of hours, we woke up and did one more round of sex and then I went to home. Now we have a very good sex life. Now we have had sex at his home, my home, hotel rooms, car, car parking, washrooms, college, highways, farms and even in a truck.

My mom has never asked me to go through such stupid check ups. These days, I feel my life is like a Hindi movie, in which all problems have solved suddenly and husband-wife are living happily ever after.

Kashif fucking naughty girl Jamila

Hi folks this is kashif khan from islamabad pakistan with my 2nd part of the true experience with my student jamila. Enough back ground now let come to the point, that evening after my return I masturbated thinking of the days to come and later in night when she called we talked for almost 3-4 hrs and she admitted that she is burning with lust and want to be with me.

as soon as possible and also that she loved our meeting earlier today. and looking forward to meet me tomorrow. then I asked her to come prepare by the next day to which she innocently asked what I meant by preparation which I skillfuly told her to prepare her body just like a bride to present to her husband on her first night. on that she laughed and sexily replied in affirmative.

next day I took leave from the institute telling them that I am not feeling well and would not come to take the class and they must tell the students when they come or give them some work to revise and practice during the class time. as planned when jamila came to the institute she also told that she would not attend the class due to no teacher but go home and practice.

then she came out and walked her way as before to the same house where I was waiting for her. I had made arrangement by putting a sheet and some pollows on the floor and took chips and coldrinks for us to have togather. she knocked on the door and took her in side immediately so no one to see her comming there.

then I asked her to sit and make her self comfortable and I must make a round outside to see if the coast is calm and clear. when I returned she was sitting on the sheet and taken off her sandels and shawl, with her upper back resting on the wall with the help of the pillow. she I stood in the door and took a deep look of her.

she was wearing a light yellow lawn shirt with little orange flowers and deep round neck and a chikken shalwar of white color. her chappals and shawl were neatly hung by the cupboard. she had kept her hair open and looked like she just took a bath befoe comming from the house. her perfume was making me loose my control.

I slowly went to her and she looked into my eyes for one second and next she lowered here face with the sexiest smile and shyness. my heart skipped a beat then and there. then I sat beside her and took her face in my hands and turned her towards me. she closed her eyes and I slowly touched her lips with mine very lightly.

then I wispered in her ears what I was feeling and told her that I have never seen a more beautiful girl then her. she immidiatly hugged me tight and hide her face in my shoulder. I started stroking her hair which smelled like peach(hair washed with organics peach shampoo, told later) then I took my other hand and hugged her keeping it on her back just below her bra strap over the thin fabric of her shirt.

then I pulled her closer and started kissing her neck which tasted sweet as honney. with my other hand I took her hair and jently pulled her head back and put my lips on her sweet wet lips with mat color lipstick. I started sucking her lower lip and took it in my mouth she also started to respond to my kiss and took my upper lip in and started to rub it with her tongue.

then she opened her mouth and I pushed my tongue in her to taste her and by god I hv never tasted any thing sweeter then that before. she was also repplying equally and our tongues started to explore each others. with us hugging each other as tight as we could.after about 10 - 15 mins for extreme kissing we both were feeling drunk and hot

and I looked in her eyes and she smiled and asked me kashif is this what u expect and am I prepared enough for you. and all I could do was node in yes and hug her once again as I was speechless by beauty. then I slowly pushed her down and came over her as she was now lying on the pillows.

but she stopped me and said that her clothes would get pressed and iron would go bad and maybe her family would ask so its better to go softly. this was a hint I was waiting for and I immidiatly took her hand and pulled her to standing position and jently started pulling her kameez up to take it off. she looked at me in shock and put her hands on mine to stop me but

I pulled her close and kept my lips on her lips and started kissing looking into her eyes and she understood my intentions and turned her face in shyness. I slowly puuled her kameez (shirt) off her and she raised her arm to assist me I took off her shirt and put it along with her shawl and she was standing in front of me like a mermaid with extremely fair skin and white bra looking at my face for reaction.

and smiled when she understood with my jaw dropped and speechless. i spread my arm and she walked to me saying "aise kiya daikh rahe hain app" and I just hugged her once again and felt her hot body rub against my cold hands and she also responded in a very passionate way. then I took her to the sheet and layed her down with me beside her keeping my one leg on her's.

she also pulled me started kissing heavily with hot breaths and raised chest. then I slowly kissed her eyes, lips, forehead, nose, and started to go down after kissing her ears and biting her earlobes. then I licked her neck and in the mean time my hands were moving towards her bra and I started to rub her boobs over her bra making her twich under me.

she was breathing heavily now and also she started to open the buttons of my shirt pulling it out from my jeanz.she was rubbing her hands on my chest hair and scratching my chest trying to maybe find my nipples with her nails. i reached her boobs and kissed her nipples and started sucking her nipple through her bra with my hand pulling her up to open the hooks from the back.

she helped me and got up on her elbow so I could open her bra hooks. but I could not with my one hand. and my mouth on her nipple. she pushed me up and her self opened the hooks and took her bra off but only to cover her pretty boobs with her arm and handed me the bra. I just smelled it and threw it to the side and took her arm away and what I saw was the most beautiful pair of boobs

perfectly round not sagging and hard like tennis balls with pink small nipples. I quickly went down and lightly licked her nipple with my tongue and then took it into my mouth and started sucking. with the other hand I started rubbing her other boob and kneading and pinching her other nipple with my finger.

she immidiatly layed down and started moaning 'uuufffff' 'aaaahhhhhh' 'aahhhhmmmmmmmm' 'yes I love it do it like this Dont stop please keep doing it like this yeeeeeeeessssssss' her sounds were making me mad and I starting sucking, licking and pressing her boobs with much force, she asked me to go soft as its paining her and she was running her fingers through my hair and her one hand was playing with my nipple.

her nipple's got hard when I touched them just like asking me for more attention. I played with her boobs for 15 - 20 minutes until her boobs were totaly red and nipples turned purple with my sucking, with bite marks clearly visible on her milky white skin. when I raised my head she looked into my eyes as if asking that did I like what I got. ofcourse I did.

then I took off my open shirt and we both were naked by the upper half. she pushed my down and started the same with my bare chest what I did with her's. after 2 - 3 minutes it was impossible for me to wait ant longer as my hard cock was paining and begging to get free from my jeanz. I pushed her to my side and started opening her shalwar.

luckily she was wearing one not with string tied to it but with elastic so I in one go pulled her shalwar off her legs. she was wearing a skin color silk panty which had laces on it sides. the panty also had a ribbon bow in the front looking damn sexy. I kissed her over her paty just once then went to her belly button. it smelled like fresh rose waiting for my exploration.

I put my tongue in her belly button holdong her hips pulling her towards me licking and rubbing my nose on her tummy. she was just moaning with pleasure as amaized for the first time pleasure she was having.then I slowly moved down again to her pany and also rubbing her lags with my hands while I kissed her over her panty making it wet with my sliva.

she was enjoying and just holding my hair and pushing my head deaper into her pussy. I slowly removed her panty and her freshly shaven cute smal pussy was waiting for me. she closed her legs in shyness. I asured her that she will not get pregnent and showed her the condoms in my pocked still she was hasitating so to make her relax I started kissing her legs from her feet going up rubbing till she gave in,

and I opened her legs wide enough to have a complete look of her wet pussy, it was small with thin pink lips but one thing I liked most was her clit which was peeking out like a pea. I jumped on her pussy as a lion would hunt and immidiatly kissed her pussy, guys the sweet taste and fresh smell of it was driving me crazy and I dove into it and started sucking it with all I was worth,

she was twisting under me just like a snake and she was screaming I little, like 'aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh' 'uuuuuffffffffff' 'ssssssssssssssss' 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh''nnnnoooooo'. I held her thighs hard so she was unable to move away and close her legs,

(later she told me she never liked the concept of sucking the pussy or cock but this totally changed her view about making love and she got so much pleasure that she never thought of before ladies I loved what it did please send comments. I kept licking and sucking her sweet pussy for next 5 minutes almost and she closed her mouth to stop her screams

when she had her orgasm and jumped up from the sheet and her pussy showered her juiced all over my face. it was also incredible experiance for me as I never saw anything like this before.
then I came up her and we starting kissing again and she was so wild this time that she started to bite my lips hard and scratch my back with her nails,

wow this was new for me as I never thought she would be like this wild. then I started to open my jeanz but she pushed my hand away layed me down and came above me sitting on my knees she opened my belt then my jeanz and pulled it down with my underwear just enough so that my 6" hard cock sprang up on 90 degree like a iron rod.

she saw it with wide eyes took a close look examining it. then she slowly touched it with her fingers lightly. I asked what is it and she told me that its her first time she saw a cock in reality but before only in pictures or xxx movies that she saw on internet. I asked her to kiss it and she slowly kissed the tip of my cock which was shihing with the drop of pre cum.

I held her head with my hands and my fingers in her hair and pushed her down, signaling her to take it in her mouth, she moved her head in no but I said "janu I gave u every pleasure that it could, will u now deny me' she hasitatingly open her lips and licked my rod like a lollypop and then took the tip in her mouth, wow it was great feeling her wet and warm sfot lips over my dick.

then I pushed her head down so half of my dick got in, she withdrew and I pushed again, this way she started sucking my dick taking it in and out of her cure mouth. then I told her to suck it so the vacume feeling in her mouth gave me more pleasure, after a few minutes of sucking she got the hang of it and started doing it properly and trying to take it more deep.

I was felling the touch of her throat on the tip and I was in heaven. I some times hissed sssssss,, aaaaahhhhh when her teeth scratched my sensitive cock head. she did it for next 5 minutes and I almost cummed in her mouth but I stopped her and pulled her up and we started kissing wirh full lust and passion. so that I could relax and not cum so soon.

then I took off my jeanz completely and we both were complete nude, then I put a pillow under her back and layed her down, then open her legs and came between her, her pussy was wet with her juices but I wet it with my sliva more and put my cock on its entrence she asked me to wear a condom which I said in a minute dont worry cause I want to feel her pussy before I put on the condom.

and told her to relax I know what I am doing. then she pushed my cock and gave it a thrust but it was tight and not going in easily, she was also feeling some pain but I ignored her expressions and made a powerfull thrust and my whole dick went inside her completely. she screamed a little dew to pain but I kissed her to stop her sound. I stayed still for a minute so she could relax.

then she herself started small movements and I got the idea that pain is over, and I also started moving slowly, it was most pleasureable moment for me as I was feeling in heaven. then after few strokes I took out my dick and she was shocked asking why and I opened a condom from its packet so she smiled when she saw it and closed her eyes.

I put on the condom a pushed my dick back in her slippry pussy, it went in easily this time and she just moaned with pleasure, I then started to make full movement going deep in her and coming full out then going back in deep. she was moaning with pleasure and we were kissing each other every where. guys it was not lust but love at that time.

then I increased my speed and she got her second orgazm moaning loudly and digging her nails in my back and teeth in my shoulder. I was also ready to cum and also released my cum deep in her. I fell on her and she gave a one long satified moan with the cutest smile I could die for. she was relaxed and happy, and we layed there in each others arms just kissing lightly.

then I asked her was she a virgin to which she told me I a way that it was her first time with any man but she masturbated regularly with candle or pen after watching porn on internet. thats why there was no blood because her hymen was broken due to masturbation. but pussy was tight as by dick was far more in diameter then a pen or a candle.

to which I kissed her once again and got up to clean my self. then when I returned from the toilet she was also wearing her clothes, it was one hr since she came here and we had little time to we just sat on the sheet and she freshed her self and we ate chips and coldrinks while talking sweet nothing to each other,

then she got up to leave I went out to see if there was any one but the coast was clear and I signaled her to go and she went home giving me a small peck on my cheek behind the door. later I will tell u my how I fucked her ass hole also....we were friendz and sex partners for almost the next 2 years and I fucked her every possible style and all holes and she use to enjoy it to max.

until I came to isb and said good bye to her and she also understood. but she told me that I was the best and she will never forget me. friends its been 5 years since I last saw her and I hope she will be fine and living a happy life. I am also married and living a normal life in islamabad but I still miss those days...waiting for your comments.

Alka fucked by college mate Tapan - I

Hello again dear readers. I guess you have enjoyed reading my love stories that were uploaded in the recent past on HD. I have already narrated a few of my most passionate sexperiences I had with different lovers on different counts. I have read all the good, not so good and the ugly remarks posted by the readers and I would like to thank you for the same.

I would continue to love read all the further comments which my readers would be posting after going through my next episode. This incident took place recently, only a few months ago with one of my college time mates Tapan (name changed for obvious reasons) He was the cousin of one of my neighbourhood friends and a very close friend of my lover Gopal with whom I was passionately involved with in having sex with.

It is no secret for me and the readers that we both had once had sex together along with Gopal who had been my lover since long. But some how we lost contact and did not meet again for a few years. This current incident took place when he had sex with me at my home when he got the opportunity of taking me in my bed room.

The difference between both the occasion was while the first time he was quite nervous fucking me and was almost a novice, the next time when he took me, he had become an expert lover and had fucked me real hard and satisfied me fully by his technique and stamina. The whole sequence of incidents went like this:

It had been years since I had any contact with him after my sexual involvement with him years back. The reason for this lack of contact was that his father had been transferred to another state and he too had to leave our home city of Panipat. Since we both were living in different cities, any chance meeting at any public place also never took place.

With the passage of time, even the visits to my home city got reduced to a great extent and as a result I was not able to meet even my closest friends of college days. But still on rare occasions I came to know about his whereabouts from some common friends. I was also told that Tapan went on to study law and later started his own practice and was doing reasonably well as a practising advocate.

It looked like my past had finally been lost in the gallows of time and every one got busy with his own life. At times I did used to think about him and Gopal and the threesome sex we had all together, the only time in my life. But destiny was still kind to me and it so happened that once there were some problems my husband began facing in his business.

A dispute originated among his partners and it went very bad leading to law suits and possible splits and closures. He got entangled in some other law suits by other partners and a few others who had joined with them bid to take over the control of his line of industry. Several cases were slapped on my husband and now most of his time was taken up in court rooms instead of his factory.

He had hired a good lawyer for the cases and the proceedings which were going almost smoothly started to lag behind. It looked as if we could possibly lose the suit and losing the suits meant the end of the business for us. He was upset and had even stopped relying on his lawyers and went on to discuss the matter with other lawyers and study the law books himself.

Even our personal and sexual life was disturbed due to this and it was weeks since we had any sexual contact with each other and I was getting desperate too. Seeing him under great stress, I felt sorry for him and wanted to help him some how. Once while sitting together, we were talking about our future course of action and he was undecided about it.

I casually mentioned Tapan and told him that he was my friend during my college days and now he too is a competent lawyer and possibly could help us at least in guiding to the right track. He for once was surprised as I had never mentioned his name in front of him but I convinced him that Tapan was just a casual friend and a cousin of one of my classmates and nothing more and at that time we had a healthy friendship.

A picture of Tapan fucking me in threesome came to my mind when I mentioned him as a healthy friend, and a small smile came to my lips. My husband thought for a moment and decided that there was no harm in discussing the matter with him if he could come out with some solution or a right track to go on.

He told me to contact him some how and invite him here so that we could discuss the things in detail. The next day I called my couple of friends and tried to track his whereabouts. I was informed that some time back, his father was again posted back to our home city of Panipat but now he lived in a different sector. When I finally got his phone number, I was excited calling him after so many years.

Our first conversation after so many years was friendly and courteous with no reference to what had taken place between us years back. After listening to the story, he too looked eager to meet me when I told him about the whole situation. On my request, Tapan came to our home a couple of days later on an evening when he had taken a day off due to some festival day off.

The meeting with Tapan went of well and my husband was quite relieved with the advise and solutions suggested by him. Tapan looked like a thorough professional in his approach and attitude while he narrated a few cases almost similar to ours that he had contested successfully. The discussion with him was giving us both a ray of hope and confidence.

I was thinking that he had changed a lot since the last I saw him. His very sight made me recollect the time when we had sex together a long time back. Sitting in front of me, he did make me sexually aroused for once. When the discussion was almost over after several sessions of tea and snacks, he then started to take a leave as he had to drive all the distance back to his home city.

My husband asked him to come over with us for a dinner at the club we used to frequent. Since he was not doing any thing more important and had enough time at his disposal, he accepted our invitation after a little hesitation. I went into my room to get ready while they both were still talking in the living room. I dressed myself in a black saree and blouse from which my bra was slightly from the transparency of the cloth.

The blouse had deep front and back revealing a good amount of the upper portion of my 35" size boobs and cleavage. It did reveal a good amount of my back which it did not cover. I did some light make up to look more desirable since I was going out with Tapan along with my husband. As I came out and asked my husband to get ready, I saw a look of admiration and desire in Tapan's eyes.

He was looking at my cleavage and my flat tummy with a rather hungry look in his eyes. As my husband went inside the room to change, Tapan gave me a wolfish smile and I felt myself getting weak in front of him. The lack of sexual interaction with my husband for a considerable time now and my desperation for it was having its effect on my mind and body. I wanted Tapan to take me at the first opportunity, but I knew it was not possible.

We had a good time there. My husband ordered whisky for himself and Tapan while I was sipping tomato juice. My husband since was relaxed from his stress, was enjoying his drink and in the process took more than what he normally takes and I could make out that he was getting intoxicated. Tapan on the other hand was sitting quietly and nursing his solitary drink.

I could see him giving me naughty stares and smiles whenever our eyes meet. His stares were taking me years back in time when we were in college and finally in bed together along with Gopal. Though he did not talk much, still we had a good time there. On our return, my husband stopped the car near the main gate for us to step out so that he could take the car further towards our parking slot around the block.

Since it had rained a bit while we were having dinner at the club, there were poodles of water where we had to get out from the car. I was trying to get out of the car and place my foot on the pavement which was more than a step away from the car and the water had logged there.

Since Tapan had already got out before me, he came to my rescue and helped me out by holding me in his arms to support me to jump safely over the pool of water. His touch and arms around my waist, made me feel aroused for no apparent reason. I was already turning on and getting high and his touch had added fuel to the fire.

As my husband was locking the main doors and the main grills we were already one flight of stairs ahead of him. I was taking each step slowly and Tapan was matching my steps. He was walking so close that our bodies were almost touching with each others. I was bewildered when he suddenly caught my hand but had to leave it immediately when he heard the foot steps of my husband approaching a landing below.

For once it felt good that he took my hands in his own but he was taking too much for granted and too great risk. Inside home, as we settled down my hubby asked him if he could stay here for the night as there was no point in going back a long distance at this time. I too supported his offer and Tapan finally agreed to stay the night with us.

We all sat down in the living room and started chatting. But after a while my husband since he had some early meetings and more over having taken a few drinks beyond his capacity, was feeling a bit nausea had excused himself and went inside his bedroom to retire after I gave him some therapy that did not help.

I got up to make the guest room ready for Tapan and asked him to feel easy and at home, to which he replied that he would. I came back and took my seat in front of him on the other sofa and continued our conversation. Tapan was contineously looking at me in my eyes. It looked like he was conveying some message but now I was having problems looking straight in his eyes, I was feeling weak looking at him.

As I tried to get up and close our conversation, he casually asked me if he could have a cup of tea since he was in a habit of taking one before retiring for the day. I went into the kitchen and started making tea for both of us. He also followed me and came in the kitchen and stood near the door resting on the counter.

I placed the pot of water on the burner and excused myself to change while the water boil. I asked him to use the bathroom near our room and he would find some thing to change. Inside my room, I changed into my regular night dress that was sleeveless, had slightly deeper neck with a view to my cleavage, it had thin straps to hold on, on my shoulders.

The cloth was of thin satin that give an illusion of transparency and showed off my body well. As a regular habit, I had already removed my bra before putting on the nighty. I thought of wearing the gown over it but later changed the idea and came out. I did not have the time to remove my make up as I knew the tea was ready by now.

I checked on my husband to see if he needed anything but he was fast asleep and snoring. As I came out, I saw Tapan was wearing my hubby's jogging trousers and T-shirt, he looked like an athlete in his muscular body. The moment he saw me, I could see naked desire in his eyes to take me.

We were having tea sitting at the table and he was looking at me intently making me feel uncomfortable. The overhead light was falling on my face and I knew he was able to see every expression on my face. I was trying to avoid meeting his eyes as I did not wish him to read my feelings that had come up since he had touched my body earlier by holding me in his arms.

Memories of my last sexual session with him came flashing to my mind like a projector being played. I was not sure if he too was thinking about that episode. He looked at my feet below where the night gown had moved up to almost my knee, I tried to pull my gown down wards in an attempt to cover my legs, but it look like he was already aroused.

I was unable to make out what to do or talk about. He had that naked desire in his eyes which I could not handle, I lowered my eyes. I could see that his eyes were glaring at my figure that was revealed by my night gown, my bare arms, my cleavage, my breasts that were rising and falling with every breadth. I felt his leg touch mine under the table, I did not respond but also did not pulled back mine.

He gently put his hand over mine and pressed it softly. I slowly withdrew mine without any reaction. I was well aware that my husband was sleeping inside the room and I did not want to go any further lest we wake him from his sound sleep. I casually asked him about his wife and kids, to which he simply replied that they all were fine. Nothing more than this.

I knew that he did not want the subject of his wife being discussed at this time when he was sitting with me. I did not say any thing further and since our tea was almost finished, I got up and removed the cups from the table and said, "it's late enough, we should go to sleep now". I went towards the switch board and switched off the lights in the kitchen and the main hall,

leaving a small bulb on that spread a dim light only in a small area leaving the rest in darkness. As I started to move toward my bed room, he caught my hand and pulled me towards himself which made me turn around and I got so close to his face that it was almost touching mine. I could barely make out his silhouette in the dim light.

He put his one hand around my waist and the other around my neck and pulled me further towards him bringing me more closer to him and in the process hugging me and taking me in his arms. I was real scared and whispered hoarsely. "Tapan..... please.... No....please stop....what are you doing Tapan......." before I could complete, he was breathing on my neck and kissing me all over.

He had held me so tightly by my waist that I was unable to escape even if I wanted to. He pushed me against the wall of the kitchen and kissed me on my forehead, cheeks and finally on my lips. I tried to break his hug and exerted a little pressure but his grip was too strong for me and in the process the neck of my gown got slided to one side exposing almost my one boob.

Slowly he pushed me more towards the wall and brought his hands towards my chest and softly squeezed my boobs and also pinched my exposed nipple making me give out a soft moaning sound. I was so afraid of my own moaning lest my husband wake up and come outside to inquire that I could even hardly resist him.

I was also beginning to lose my self control since he had been pinching and rubbing my nipples. I relaxed my body making him loosen up his grip on me and then I exerted some pressure and managed to break the hug and ran towards my room leaving him still standing out there. I could not sleep for almost an hour and kept on thinking about him though I was now sexually excited.

It had been a long time since any one apart from my husband had held me and tried to kiss me. When I finally did doze off, I dreamt of myself having sex with Tapan that night. The next morning, my husband woke up early and got ready as he had to attend an important meeting before arriving at his office. Sitting on the table, he asked me to call Tapan for breakfast as he was getting ready to leave.

I knocked at his door before entering the room. He too was ready and tying the knot of his neck tie. Seeing me alone and no one behind me, he once moved towards me and took me in his arms and tried to kiss me like he did the night before. I was shocked and afraid as my husband was just a few steps outside the room waiting for us to appear for the breakfast.

I whispered in his ears so that my husband could not hear, "what are you doing Tapan? My husband is outside, waiting..". He was absolutely cool about it and tried to kiss my lips and suck my lower one. I asked him to come out for breakfast and almost ran out of the room. He came out of his room a few minutes later to join us.

At the table, I and my husband were sitting on one side and he occupied a seat opposite mine. While he and my hubby were talking, his feet were gently pressing mine and touching my calf. At other time he would extend his hands to pick up some dish and in the process touch me. I was not only horrified but getting in a cold sweat.

I got up from my seat on the pretext of making some fresh tea for him while he was talking to my husband. He told my husband that he would also be leaving now as he has a lot of driving to do back his place and be at his office in time to attend his over loaded work. Suddenly the phone of my husband rang and the people he was supposed to meet were already in their offices, he was getting late for his appointment.

While he was talking on his phone, for the sake of formality and goodwill gesture, and because Tapan had been good enough to come driving nearly a hundred kilometres on my request, I casually asked him if he could stay for lunch as it would be late by the time he reach his office. He did not reply but kept looking at me searching for any indication.

My husband shook hands with him before leaving and thanked for all the trouble he took. He even tried to hand over a cheque towards his professional charges to which Tapan firmly refused to accept since it was for a friend he was doing. My husband asked him if he could stay for that day too so that they both could meet later in the evening and have some good time.

But Tapan was already all set to leave and thanked my husband for his hospitality and expressed his inability to stay for any longer. He also thanked me for having taken a good care of him. I was totally speechless and just smiled at him asking him to come over again next time he was in Delhi.

Casually he asked my husband if he could use his computer and internet facility as he had to send a couple of important mails which should have been sent yesterday itself. My husband said, "sure, the computer is in the study" and he directed him towards the room before waving his bye to both of us. Tapan started towards the study.

I got up to close the door after my hubby left for his work and as I turned around, Tapan turned back too and stood at the study room door smiling with a lusty look in his eyes. As I came back towards the table to clear the dishes, he came towards me, caught and held me again by my waist and hugged me tightly in his arms.

He took his face towards mine and caught my ear lobs with his teeth biting them softly and whispering in my ears " I love you honey, why did you run away yesterday night? I was longing for you and wanted to take you". I was speechless and couldn't find words to say anything.

He then slide his one hand inside my shirt and started exploring the softness of my waist and body which was a result of my hours of sessions at my beauty parlour and hard sweating at yoga and swimming. He was kissing me all over my neck and bit my shoulder. My breasts were being pressed against his broad and strong chest and I was fast losing control of myself.

All my resistance was gone now and I was beginning to feel aroused and excited and wanting him to take me now. He whispered in my ears, "let's go in your room and complete the rituals" and I followed him towards my own bed room. It was bizarre that the bed on which I always had sex with my husband would now be shared by my old time lover.

The bed was still undone since I had no time to tidy up my room. He was holding me in his arms and made me lay gently on my bed hugging me tightly. He finally broke the hug and said, "Alka your body is still so soft and silky. You have not at all changed all these years since I took you last and put his lips on mine.

I hesitated and tried to back out but he pulled me closer and gently sucked my lower lip. He was kissing me passionately and I could feel his hands around my waist going down on my thighs as I too tightened my grip around him and took my arms around his back and tried to bring him further down over me.

Guy watching wife getting fucked by mechanics

Hi I am Surendra (Name Changed) I am a regular reader of these hot stories and sometimes these are very hot. Here I would like to share a strange sex experience of my wife who had this encounter two year back, although I am not in good in writing. She is a good looking female with 36 30 34 figure and she is very sexy in looking.

We were married ten year back and having three issues. She is very demanding in the bed. Actually I lose interest in her on my first night as I noticed that she is not virgin although I didn't tell this to her and on enquiry I found that she had in relation with physical education teacher (Thats another story ) in her girls college.

But I am keeping this relation as we are living in society where these incidents are not disclosed. I think that she has noticed this all that's why she didn't visit her in laws house in last ten years so I was satisfied that may be its her past and she has forgotten that. We use to see porn films in our bedroom together and analyzing their acts and tried also for her satisfaction.

Now come to this incident which happened in last August. On my company tour I suppose to visit one district near to our place and tour was planned for whole day. I left my house around nine in morning and I was going alone in my car. As I started my journey I got a call from district authorities for requesting the postpone this visit as they have called by higher officials.

So I postponed it and I decided to give my car for service to service center. But mean time I got call from home and she said that our Dish TV is not working as she is alone in house as our kids are in boarding school so she said that call the mechanic. I immediately called the engineer and asked him to sent mechanic and he said Mechanic would be there by 10:30.

So after giving my car over their I came in an Auto and get down to near my house lane. I saw from distance that mechanics have arrived there, they are two guys in their early twenties with strong muscular body, I don't know why but my sixth sense said that lets watched them from distance. They rang the bell without knowing that My wife in Bathroom.

When she heard the ring she said from Bathroom to wait for a minutes, she came out by wearing Salwar and KAmeez without undergarments and she was looking very hot. She enquired from inside whose there when she came to know about mechanics she opened the door and went inside.

They kept the door open I entered in house and stand behind curtains in a way that nobody can see me. They asked about problem and they immediately start to resolve problem and that’s solved within minutes. She asked their names One was Rohitashav and other name was Indar Kumar.

She said to tem "Tum log satisfied sewa kyon nahi dete ho"(Why are you not giving satisfied services) When she uttered these words I noticed lust in her eyes as they are string musculature boy and I remember that during Porn watch she always admires musculature body of men in action.

Than she asked "Kuch piyoge" and they say as you wish mam our work is finished please sign these papers we have to go for other calls. She said "Aaj kaffi Garmi hai main Paani lati hoon" (Its very hot I will bring water for You). she brought water in a tray and she bend in such a way to serve the water that her all breast and naval area was visible and she stand there for a while till they drink the water.

I could clearly see the movement in their jeans but they said we have to leave. Than she asked them to stay back as she has already put tea for preparation and within five minutes she retuned with tea and some snacks and she again served the tea in same fashion as she served water. and she also took one chair near ti them.

and all started drinking tea and she suddenly said "are aap log to kuch kha hi nahi rahe"(You are not eating anything) and she took biscuit plate and offered them and during this she purposefully put her one hand on jeans near private area and she bend her body in front of other guy to show. I don't jnow why but instead of stopping them I was enjoying that.

When one guy refuse to take she put her in mouth and said you should respect host and don't afraid. That’s was the clear signal but still both guys in fix. She took all utensils and went in the kitchen and asked that "could you one guy come here help me to bring that box down" One guy went to the kitchen and asked Kaun sa she pointed towards one box.

when that guy climbs up on stool and she offered her shoulder and said take support of mine otherwise you may fall. That guy has give that bix to her but she dropped it and sit down on the floor. I can see that guy was not able to control himself but not having courage she said Ok you get down with cautions and when he was getting down she slightly pushed stool

and he falls directly on wife she immediately picked that opportunity and locked her lips, hearing that sound another guy came in kitchen and see them in that upside down position. He said let’s get up and go than she said don't be afraid and clearly shown her desire to get a threesome.

After getting signals in no time both guys start to rub her body by their hand she start moaning and said lets go to the bedroom. On the way to bedroom she was kissing one guy in his lap. In bedroom one guy was kissing her very gently on her lips and she was responding to him and another guy was kissing her neck and back from back and she was moaning

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH, OOOOOOOOHHHHHH, she took out shirt of front guy and guy who was standing behind has taken her kameez and salwar in one shot she was totally in birth suite in fron of two guys. In no time both guys also came in their birth suits and on this side I was enjoying from distance.

Guy from front was kissing her on face and guy from back fondling her nipples and breast which are becoming erect and hard. Front guy slowly and gradually kissing to downwards and reached to her groin area when he kissed her in around her groin she moaned very loudly IIIIIIINNNNNNNDEAR AAAAAAAAAHHHHHAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAA,

that guy has sit on his knee and start licking her fuck hole and he was doing it in style by using his whole tongue suddenly he bites her at fuck hole gently and she moaned IIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDEEEEEEEER and put his head towards her hole.

Guy from back also sit on the knee and he started to lick her ass hole and she closed her eyes and juice start flowing from her cunt and both guys are tasting that one by one. Suddenly she pushed both guys and sit on the floor and her body was shivering as she has her first orgasm she asked them to stand and they follow her instruction like a slave.

She hold their penis by her both hand start to giving them hand job and also start blowing them one by one suddenly one guy whole body shivered and he said I am Cumming she immediately took his tool in her mouth and drink his com to last drop and soon second guy also cum and she drunk that too (Although she never oblige me by this in bedroom).

She pushed them on bed and start playing with their tool by hand and mouth again in no time both guys have again hard and she said to them your dick is not as big and fat as my hubby but I will manage my desires. ( As I have 9" long and 2" Thick pole on erection and both guys dicks was average sized 5-6").

She asked Rohitashav you have a nice tongue and that guy immediately bend and start licking her cunt and she was moaning and pull another guy dick to her mouth and start blowing it. After few minutes she changed her position and ask to One guy to sleep and she immediately ride him and put his toll in her cunt and blowing another guy same time and guy was moaning

MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMM AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. Then she ask to that guy to enter in her ass hole he tried and successfully entered in her ass in few stroke by that time guy below her was stand still so that she could adjust. Now both guy start pumping her simultaneously and she closed her eyes and moaning very loudly

AAAAAAAAH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAh OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH MARO meri choot pha do meri gand mein aur ghusao AAAAAAAAAAAAAH aur jor se aur andar IINNNNNDEDRRRRRRRR RRRRRRROHITAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH maaro aur jor se and they increase their speed suddenly both guys shouted

CCCCCUUUUUUUMMMMMMMING her body was also fully arched which shows that all three are coming at a time and she asked them to sum inside holes and suddenly with loud moan both guys discharged their juice in her hole and collapsed. After few minutes they get down from their position and wear their cloths and went away.

But she lying over there for few minutes and slowly getup and went in bathroom. She came out of bathroom in a Gown and closed the door and she didn't noticed that I am there, she throw that gown on bed laid on birth suit and closed her eyes and start rubbing her cunt I understand that her desire is still not filled.

Then I decided to walk in bedroom in birth suite and very slowly I entered in bedroom and very gently get into the bed so that she should not realized my presence. I slowly start licking her cunt (I am in master in That) she opened her eye and saw me in birth suite she was surprised but in eyes contact I told her let me continue and then I have a very nice fucking session with her.

After that session she asked me how you entered in house than I told her whole story than she start say sorry I couldn't control myself but I coolly ask her about her premarital encounter she denied on first hand but on my insistence and my first night experience sharing she told me about relationship with teacher. That’s another story which I will narrate on later date.

Hot sex with Sujatha Mam

Hello pals, I have been a silent visitor of this site for the last two years. By this time I have read almost all of the stories and I felt that some are not 100% real life experience. Some writers don’t know that a virgin do not allow for a blowjob.Anyway I am not wasting your precious time and money, so let me start with myself.

I am a 20 year old youth, Chennai now employed as an engineer trainee in a private limited company in my home town. I am whitish, 6’0”, average built without a gym. I would not like to call this as Story. because this is a real one. This was happened on my 18th years of age. On that time I am in 12th Standard. This is my first affair, that too with my Teacher.

About Teacher: Her name is sujatha she is married. On that time she is 26years of age. White in color with good shaped Boobs. But she doesn't have the children even after 4 years of married life. But they are not worried about the same.The cause for not delivering the child is only her husband. That's only knows to her not to her husband.

Even while discussing with her she told me once "let the god decide the time to give me a child". That world becomes true through me.I am studying the tuition from my11th standard. I don't have any intention to have her on the bed. Honestly speaking Even I doesn't have the intention to see her boobs or curves. This is happened just after board exams.

When I was in holidays happened on one evening. I am very poor in chemistry. When even I am studying she will call me just near to her. Normally she will were the nighty on the time of taking tuition. Very rarely she will be on saree She bends towards me to teach the problem. She is just watching my notebook.

But I am very keen on watching the boob, which is very clearly visible to me, up to the portion of nipple. Almost all the time I spent only to watch the same. That was made me in compulsion to see her boob and curves in all the days. From that day I started watching her structure, how that was made. Even I will think in night, whether God has done some homework before he invented her.

She has such a beautiful figure. one day tution was finished and all other friend s has gone she told mee that pls bring fees tomorrow mea going for hospital check up I replied y mam for hospital she told that regarding pregnancy mam u are pregnant mam I asked no NO No I said ok mam and left. Other day tution was continued and I finishe d my exams.

On leave day I went to her home for giving tution fees on that day her husband is preparing to go for iv in his college.he is a professor.and he went asking me how are u I said fine uncle. Sujatha mam told me to sit in chair I gave fees and she got from me after finishing conversation about exams I asked about her life she told mee all the things that she is earning well

and also incremented I suddenly asked how abt ur baby mam she started talking in very keen manner to explain all the things that her husband is about 35 years old doctor told that he is very much defected in sperm count and has a less than 20%of conceiving the baby and told to her that she is perfect even if she has relation ship with small young boy of 17 years old

she can conceive she is telling me in sexy manner and she told to get into the living room for wating the reports and to watch tv. I followed like a dog while she got up her towel was fell on the floor.she didn’t have the buttons and kept with single safety pin she didn’t take care that it has fallen down and told that can u spend some time with me I told ohh mam u r my favorite mam how much u want.

She told that she is alone to be for 5 days can u stay with me yes mam I told to her that my mom has gone to my uncles house mam so I will be alone only in home so I replied that I can stay this night suddenly she told mee to wait in the living room she told that she will take a bath and return back to go for dinner outside I had taken her in my bike pulsar brand new 200

she told mee that it is like mee masculine she got some accessories of bangles and NAILPOLISH in that shop she sudeenly called mee Prasad see here how it looks for me (earrings). i replied super…I didn’t tell mam. Shop keeper old lady sudeenly asked sujatha mam that don’t call ur husband with name. I was shocked!!! she told to shop keeper sorry ma.

And replied with smile to her and sales girl to her that u are perfect pair Aka. I was in top of the world. With smiling sujatha mam replied to that girl thnks maa. and wee came out she is smiling with happiness. again I started bike she sat behind me I asked mam y u told like this we look so nice in pair and I like u off course I dreamt a husband looking like u and behaving

as u due to my parents compulsion I have married him with some courage only not 100 %.while riding she is wearing sari sitting on side so no balance to sit she held her between my hip and shoulder from behind I was in top off the heaven going fast in bike in 80 she is pinching my chest tightly with fingers and nails boobs hitting my back. I got aroused and we arrived to home.

she thanked mee for this wonderfull ride and shopping I told its my duty becoz u told mee as ur husband in shop so it’s a husband duty she kissed me in my fore head in lovely manner and told to me that if I get a child that should be like u in next birth also and now also my mind started to supply the blood to my tool and went inside bed room watching ss music pooja

and criag show together I was watching a song from machan machan song from sillam battam in that song one bed room situation comes seeing that she was fully aroused and told to mee that wait here I will change my dress to nighty and comes back she went inside the room and remove d the sari and suddenly slightly door was opened I eagerly turned asked sorry da

I forgot to take my bra and panty wich I will wear in nights that is in that cup board.i replied that how can I take mam that to mee its ok da u go there she directed mee I went there I told that were mam I could not find suddenly came out with blouse and petti coat itself I was shocked to see that assets,boobs with out bra she litly hitted on my head mandu mandu scoulded being a teen 18 years old guy not able to identify a bra and panty.

I acted as if I don’t know anything about that mam. I replied that I dint see any under garmets of any women ok wait I will show u and she changed the dress and came back. And near cupboard keenly watching all the lady items in the cupboard including condoms and stay free secure.

she has shown the bra of her that too in black color she is explained that she s having 38 cupped size of boobs so she is wearing this to keep the soft item inside this I said ohh h !!and she gave me a new lungi to change my costumes from jean to lungi and banniyan she is very keen in watching while iwas changing the pant to lungi for wanted ly I removed my pant

in front off her and placed in hanger that to in the semi nude position I was very much bulged in the boxers. Seening this she is asking mee y u was swelled there were mam she said at ur tool. I was very shy and turned back with little smiley. and I tied my lungi and asked her that were can I sleep.

she replied that in the same bed I understood that what I was imaging for those years its going to happen now. in that double cot bed I also started to rest on that back supported cushion and she went to the kitchen and gave me a special masala pal(badam and cashew mixed milk full off big tumbler ) I asked y mam its for me she told that every male guy should drink milk at night and sleep that keeps ur health good.

Lights turned off to mid dim lights we started to fell in bed she slowly started talking about her desires I also started to talk about baby she started to cry with me I started to convince her some how I told that what u ask mam I will arrange mam don’t let ur tears to come out mam stop crying mam I held her hand while telling this. I will ask u one thing can u give me that is u r having.

I f u think u can give me. I was confused she told that I want ur baby I said ok mam but how by having a sex and fore play. How can its possible mam mee younger than u so only I am wanting u pls take mee as ur wife she begged mee. Suddenly I hugged her an planted a kiss on her fore head don’t be sad iam there for u only iam ur husband only and we hugged each other

and fell in bed smooching each other she told mee that shee had been never smooched by her husband.i was on top of her my lund was in full force upto 8 inch hurting her pussy inside lungi.she suddenly told mee to remove her nighty I did like that and she removed my banniyan and lungi now I was only with boxer and she was only with bra and panty both in black seeing

this in sandy situation I was fully charged I started to kiss her wildly on her lips and cheeks, fore head ear lobes neck.and cleaveage she shouting don’t kill mee like this common she started holding my dick in her hand and shaking and inserted her fingers inside mee current passed away to my head she told kill mee tare my pussy other wise I will die now itself

she remove my boxers and through away by this time my guy was oozing out pre cum she tored her panty and thrown away and I removed her bra and released her huge mangos she was in top of pleasure hugged me tightly she kneeled down and took my cock inside her mouth she told don’t release ur cum in my mouth me lubricating ur penis for easy lubrication

and fulfilling my desire with u becoz it’s the first time taking a big dick in my mouth.licked my pre cum gel which was oozing out of my dick.fastly took out my tool and started to rub her bare back in kneeled position.she is moning with the sounds ah ah ah ohh ohh and in my ear lobes telling I LOVE You da darling,u r my chellam, my hubby,

my love I told we can go to bed.ok I want u fully inside me she laid in bed facing me.iam in top I first touched her face and brought her face very near to me and slowly I brought my lip towards her lip and placed my lip on her lip very slowly. And after some minutes I pressed her lip though my lip. Only after few minutes I opened my lip and try to open her lip.

First she co-operated me fully then she very slowly opened her lip and allowed my tongue to go inside her mouth and try to get her saliva. After some time she done the same with her tongue. I have done the same process at least of 15 minutes and she disabled her self from me. And asked me how you are feeling nowI said with shy I was excited like anything.

Then I asked her you madam. She said very casually little bit excited. Then I asked her "What I have to do to make the lady full excitement". She said the lip kissing is only the starting. After that you have do some other things like squeezing the boobs, sucking the boobs, sucking the pussy& ash hole. Then I kept quite.

She asked me that if I have done with any other lady or girl before I said no mam iam still this second virgin.she told that how lucky inthis part of my life god gave mee a virgin husband for mee now Then once again I brought her face towards me and started her lips. But this time some vigorously.

And I gone back to her and still I am kissing her cheeks and tried to place my hands on her boobs. Exactly the same I have done. Then I kept my Lund on her mount and I have turned to down suck her pussy. Then I have opened her pussy was very hairy full of hairs like a lawn gardens For the first time I am going the open the lips of pussy. I opened the lips and seen the rose color.

I kept my lip inside her pussy. Due to over excitement the juice is coming-out very frequently. I don't want to waste any of those. I have taken all the juice to my mouth.And she asked to me to give the milk juice on her vagina.Then I started playing in out play with her pussy I started sucking her very vigorously. She started shouting fuck me hard prasad.

Then I came to know that this is right time for go for climax. Then Iam gone upward and started kissing her lips and squeezing her boobs. I asked her to keep her legs broder in V shaped.She just shown the way in which I have to proceed with my Lund. She kept her twofingures and gateway person for sending my Lund inside.

I am just placed my Lund on front of perpussy lips and just rubbed top of lips inside. Because of over juice my Lund doesn't find very great problem in going inside.but she is jerking off with pain she told the one secret that her husband only inserts the round part only 3inch inside her and he cums top only and he will not ejaculate in deep of her vagina

she knows that and not interested to get his baby so only she has a plan to divorce him and marry other young guy becoz if I get baby from him it is impossible to me divorce him and he is not prefect also hearing this I was shocked.and me parted her thigs broadly and But I said it was just 8 inch and is a lot of time for to come back. By now my cock was fully erect again.

I asked here to spread her legs. I inserted my cock into her cunt and started fucking her first slowly and then I increased my pace.She began giving out moans aaaaaa...hhhh...aaaaaa...hhhh.. ouchhhhhhh.For another half-an-hour I kept fucking Then I started doing it as she told me and really I was fucking her, my first fuck.

She put her hands around me and pressed me hard against her and was kissing me deeply. After a while she asked to increase my speed little by little. She was so wet and each time my cock goes inside it was making a noise bloomm bloom bloom. She was whispering on my ears many sexy words likeoh my sweetie fuck me harder my pussy never had a cock for a long time.

now your cock is inside my thrust harder and harder and make my pussy soft..make my pussy cum..I need all your milk from your cock to my pussy.current passing thru my mind kept pumping in her pussy.she is telling iam going to cum my orgams plese I also I felt that I was flying on the sky.

This time she was having her climax and she pressed me hard and was making funny noises. my body started shivering and all of a sudden my cock pumped milk to mams's was my first and great experience and we were lying as it is for a while, keeping my cock inside her pussy then slipped down from her body after a while we fucked again and

Then I again stood on my foot while holding her belly and slowly removed my dick and gave another jerk.Slowly I increased my speed. With those jerks my mam is also crying like.... Ahhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmm ammmmmmmmmoooooo, shhhhhhh. Nearly after 20 mins, I was about to cum. So, I increased my speed. I really fucked very wildly.

Her breasts were moving to and fro with my jerks.At last I inserted my cock into her pusssy with a great jerk and leaned on her breathing very fast. I cum into her pussy. She held me with his hands on my back and her thighs on my hips and was screaming nearly 5mins I was on her in the same position. Next I laid on the bed besides her breathing very fast.

She smiled sexily on looking at me.She gave a sweet kiss to my lips saying you are a good learner you know how to satisfy a woman. After that we have 2 more rounds. I fucked her very wildly that night till abut 4am. After that night I have been fucking her regularly for 10 days. She is also enjoying very much.on the end of the month s she called me and told that her period

days has skipped and she become mother and mee dad for that baby. finally she divorced the old husband.and deliverd a new boy baby of mee in 18 years of my age wen I was in second semester ending me become a father of a baby through my mam I was happy.

She told mee that I will marry u one not other one even though u are young now u are my husband later years we planned to get another baby me fuking her regularly twice in a week now her pussy is enlarged by my continous fucking she loves mee lot and calls me as rajudarling. she changed her name as sujathaprasad and named our baby as ramprasad.